Day 5 – A Day in the Park

Our one day in Waspam allowed just enough time for us to visit a neighborhood park and put on a VBS.

Arriving at the park we were kind of lost, and the park seemed a little sketchy at first. There was no one really coming up to us, but once we started with the few kids that were there, we got the hang of things and more and more kids came. It was awesome to be able to come into a neighborhood where we had never been before, where no one knew we would be, and to still have such a response.


After being a part of this, it helped us realize that the Holy Spirit has a big hand in what we do on these missions. The Holy Spirit opens the hearts of the kids in these communities to receive His Word and be equipped with the tools to later rise up as the next generation of leaders and crusaders for Jesus Christ.

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– #BRANDRA (Brandy Jimenez & Sandra Coronado)

Day 4 – Un Dia en Bismona

After a refreshing swim in the river of Bismona, we were ready for our first activity with the kids. We prepared a Vacation Bible School where we shared games, laughter, candy, and the gospel with over 150 kids, youth, and adults.  For many it was the first time to truly understand Christ’s sacrifice for them as the gospel was translated in their native language.  The children eagerly participated as we shared balloons, stickers, and more candy!


In the afternoon we had the opportunity to visit the military base of Bismona for the third time, but this time with a new commander and all new soldiers as they rotate often.  We shared Spanish and Miskitu Bibles, as well as discipleship books and devotionals. The soldiers were welcoming and listened with interest as we shared.  They were thankful for our visit, were excited for the soccer ball and candy we left for them, and even came later to the church to ask for more Bibles and discipleship books.

In the evening we had the blessing of participating in a church service with Pastor Angel.  Josh shared the message with them about being adopted into the family of God as sons and daughters, which was shared in English, then translated to Spanish, which was then translated to Miskitu.
Pleas pray for the community of Bismona and Pastor Angel and his family.  Pray that God’s Word would touch hearts and change lives within this community.

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– Melinda Kuzdas & Noemi Roldan

Day 3 – More Travel!

We left for Bismona today and endured the long and arduous truck ride.  We left around 6 am and it lasted about 8 to 10 hours! However, before we were too deep into it, it began to rain.  And it rained…and rained.


BUT the ride wasn’t all in vain.  We passed through the village of Waspam on our journey.  We stopped at a few churches along the way, passing out Bibles to the church leaders as well as members of the communities.  Amazingly, the only time it wasn’t raining was during our time passing out Bibles!


It was an indescribable experience meeting these leaders in Christ and praying for the spiritual growth of their communities.  We arrived in Bismona late at night and were greeted by the pastor of the local church and his family – our roommates for the next two days.  We unloaded, set up camp for the night, and said good night.

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IMG_2713– Debbie Lopez & Kris Ford



Day 2 – Church, Bibles, and Food Bags

Today was our first day without any traveling. We went to church this morning and some of us were able to help with the children’s church where we played many fun games like Gato Gordo (translation: the fat cat). Basically, the children stuff as many marshmallows into their mouths as possible and try to say gato gordo. We then told them the story of Jonah and the great fish – a story they had never heard before.

We also delivered food bags to some locals in the community. These food bags were a small gift for all the effort they have put in to help the church and others. Witnessing the way most people throughout the world live has really caused us to appreciate all the things we have been blessed with and how lucky we are to live where we do. Today we also picked up the Miskitu Bibles which we will be handing out tomorrow as we travel to Bismona – a small village that we will be staying at for two days.

*There will be a short lapse in posts from Monday until Thursday, as we will be in very rural areas that rarely have electricity and needless to say do not have Wifi (just so you don’t think our absence from the interwebs signals something more tragic than lack of internet access). We’ll be sure to flood your feeds and this blog with pictures and stories when we return!

– Clementine Garrett

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Day 1 – Travel, Travel, Travel!

The last two days have been primarily comprised of travel for us. Friday morning at 6, we left LAX and flew to Panama where we spent about 4 hours in the airport. After an hour long flight, we arrived in Managua, grabbed some food and settled into our hotel across the street. In the morning, we headed back to the airport and our team divided up into 2 groups and boarded two 14 passenger planes. While crossing the country, we encountered a decent amount of cloud cover and rain. Now, in a normal plane, a little rain is no big deal, but it’s kind of a crazy experience in a 25 foot long plane if you’ve never flown in one before (*cough* Brandy). But we made it to Puerto Cabezas and spent the rest of the day shopping for soccer balls and candy for street ministry activities and food for food bags which we will be distributing on Sunday. Thanks so much for your prayers and be sure to be checking up on the hashtag #GONicaragua2013 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the team members’ individual updates of what’s going on.

IMG_2385Photo Jul 13, 11 45 57 AMPhoto Jul 13, 2 51 12 PM