Day 7 – Paint

Today was such a blessing. It was our last full day in Puerto Cabezas. We headed out to Santiago’s Church in the morning to work with some of the men and teens of the church in painting the outside. Today was pretty different than any of the other days; for the first time on the trip we weren’t ministering to children or handing out Bibles. However, we were so blessed to be working with many of the men from the church. The men were so excited to be able to paint their church. These men were unrelenting in their working and made sure that not only everyone was working hard (not like anyone wouldn’t want to be working hard) but they made sure the job was being done correctly. They are all so fun and inspirational to be around. Even though some of us don’t speak Spanish very well they go so far out of their way to communicate with those who don’t speak Spanish.


Once lunch and the painting supplies were cleaned up, Dennis (he was part of the trip to Bismona) took us to his store in the market and out of the generosity of his heart gave us all a gift from his store. We were all greatly in shock and beyond grateful that he would do such a grand gesture. At the store we had the pleasure of meeting his stunning wife and little baby who captured all of our hearts.


I don’t think any of us “gringos” could have asked for a better last day here. Today was a perfect summary of the whole trip because we got to see God working in not only the men and teens of the church here in Puerto Cabezas but also each other. To see the interactions between adults and teens from two incredibly different cultures work so well with each other and each be blessed by the others presence is such a wonderful sight to experience. Everyone who was involved in the trip, those who live here, and those of us who had the grand opportunity to come here, will look back on this for years and each time realize yet another way the Lord has blessed every single one of us involved with this trip.

IMG_3721 IMG_3709 IMG_3694– Charis Shutte


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