Day 6 – KIDS

Hola from Nicaragua ! It is nice to be back in Puerto Cabezas. With the Sea breeze it doesn’t seem as hot and humid as Bismona. This morning we left the hotel to go do a VBS at a new church. The Pastor was away but another Pastor was there to help out. There were a lot of kids there. We started with Simon says like games. Then we played a game with marshmallows, where they have to stuff them in their mouth and say a phrase (Gato Gordo). This gets everybody laughing. Then Sandra and others acted out the story of Jonah. Melinda followed with some Bible verses. Then it was time for fun with passing out candy and stickers and making balloon animals for everyone. Afterwards we were able to pass out the last of the Bibles in Miskitu to people in this church. Soon it was time to load up in the back of the truck and head back to the hotel for lunch. We had a couple hours to eat and rest.



Today is Nicaragua’s Liberation Day. During lunch a big parade passed by the hotel. It was made up of cars and trucks full of people yelling and waving flags, followed by hundreds of motorcycles. They passed by the hotel twice while we were there. After lunch break we headed to Santiago’s Church to do another VBS there. There were fewer kids so it seemed less chaotic. They also had to change the story because we had done VBS there at the beginning of the week. After lots of fun we walked over to Santiago’s house for supper. Adalma, his wife, fixed us shrimp, beans and rice, with a couple strips of cooked breadfruit. It was very good (muy rico). We sat around and talked till it got dark. Then it was back to the hotel in the truck. Time here is flying by.

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– All for Christ, Duuglas 

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