Day 5 – A Day in the Park

Our one day in Waspam allowed just enough time for us to visit a neighborhood park and put on a VBS.

Arriving at the park we were kind of lost, and the park seemed a little sketchy at first. There was no one really coming up to us, but once we started with the few kids that were there, we got the hang of things and more and more kids came. It was awesome to be able to come into a neighborhood where we had never been before, where no one knew we would be, and to still have such a response.


After being a part of this, it helped us realize that the Holy Spirit has a big hand in what we do on these missions. The Holy Spirit opens the hearts of the kids in these communities to receive His Word and be equipped with the tools to later rise up as the next generation of leaders and crusaders for Jesus Christ.

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– #BRANDRA (Brandy Jimenez & Sandra Coronado)

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