Day 4 – Un Dia en Bismona

After a refreshing swim in the river of Bismona, we were ready for our first activity with the kids. We prepared a Vacation Bible School where we shared games, laughter, candy, and the gospel with over 150 kids, youth, and adults.  For many it was the first time to truly understand Christ’s sacrifice for them as the gospel was translated in their native language.  The children eagerly participated as we shared balloons, stickers, and more candy!


In the afternoon we had the opportunity to visit the military base of Bismona for the third time, but this time with a new commander and all new soldiers as they rotate often.  We shared Spanish and Miskitu Bibles, as well as discipleship books and devotionals. The soldiers were welcoming and listened with interest as we shared.  They were thankful for our visit, were excited for the soccer ball and candy we left for them, and even came later to the church to ask for more Bibles and discipleship books.

In the evening we had the blessing of participating in a church service with Pastor Angel.  Josh shared the message with them about being adopted into the family of God as sons and daughters, which was shared in English, then translated to Spanish, which was then translated to Miskitu.
Pleas pray for the community of Bismona and Pastor Angel and his family.  Pray that God’s Word would touch hearts and change lives within this community.

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– Melinda Kuzdas & Noemi Roldan

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