Day 3 – More Travel!

We left for Bismona today and endured the long and arduous truck ride.  We left around 6 am and it lasted about 8 to 10 hours! However, before we were too deep into it, it began to rain.  And it rained…and rained.


BUT the ride wasn’t all in vain.  We passed through the village of Waspam on our journey.  We stopped at a few churches along the way, passing out Bibles to the church leaders as well as members of the communities.  Amazingly, the only time it wasn’t raining was during our time passing out Bibles!


It was an indescribable experience meeting these leaders in Christ and praying for the spiritual growth of their communities.  We arrived in Bismona late at night and were greeted by the pastor of the local church and his family – our roommates for the next two days.  We unloaded, set up camp for the night, and said good night.

IMG_2662 IMG_2615 IMG_2686
IMG_2713– Debbie Lopez & Kris Ford



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