Day 1 – Travel, Travel, Travel!

The last two days have been primarily comprised of travel for us. Friday morning at 6, we left LAX and flew to Panama where we spent about 4 hours in the airport. After an hour long flight, we arrived in Managua, grabbed some food and settled into our hotel across the street. In the morning, we headed back to the airport and our team divided up into 2 groups and boarded two 14 passenger planes. While crossing the country, we encountered a decent amount of cloud cover and rain. Now, in a normal plane, a little rain is no big deal, but it’s kind of a crazy experience in a 25 foot long plane if you’ve never flown in one before (*cough* Brandy). But we made it to Puerto Cabezas and spent the rest of the day shopping for soccer balls and candy for street ministry activities and food for food bags which we will be distributing on Sunday. Thanks so much for your prayers and be sure to be checking up on the hashtag #GONicaragua2013 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the team members’ individual updates of what’s going on.

IMG_2385Photo Jul 13, 11 45 57 AMPhoto Jul 13, 2 51 12 PM


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