And We’re Home

Our plane landed at 7:31 last night; ending our 11 day adventure in Nicaragua.
During our time on the Caribbean, we trucked up the coast delivering Bibles in the rain all the way to the borders of Honduras; visiting small, unreached villages with the Word of God. We entered and prayed over many homes; delivering bags full of food in the process. We huddled around 12 Nicaraguan soldiers as Pastor Santiago shared with them, teaching them how to navigate through their new Miskitu Bibles which had made the 10 hour journey with us.
We played with kids. Lots and lots of kids. It was so easy to capture their attention. A can of “silly string” was, to them, the greatest special effect they’d ever seen. It’s easy to fall in love with these kids. Their laughter. Their smiles. It’s during these times that our team was energized. Reminded of the reason why we’d traveled so far. It was these kids. It was the awesome responsibility of loving on these kids. Of gaining their trust and capturing their attention for the sole purpose of effectively communicating God’s Word to them. By my count, some 400 children heard the Good News of Jesus through our team. It’s an incredible thing. To be used by God. To be a part of his story. Joy. That’s the only way I can really describe it.
Can you do me a favor? Can you pause and pray? Right now. Pray for those little souls. Pray that the seeds God allowed us to plant would flourish. Pray that the pastors we’ve helped to equip would rise up and be a light in their community. Pray that each Bible now belongs to someone who will treasure it and come to know God through it. Pray that the military men we witnessed to would take God’s message of grace and salvation home to their families. Pray for Pastor Santiago and the work he is doing in Puerto Cabezas and its surrounding communities. Pray for his safety as he continues to travel to remote regions of the Miskitu Coast. Pray with me.
On Sunday, August 4th, our team will be sharing during our Sunday morning services. I’d love to see you all there! Bring a friend. 
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– Josh Hager

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