Day 9 – Coming to an End

Today marks our last full day of ministry on the Miskitu Coast. Our time here has been one of adventure, new experiences, friendship, and joy; we’ve been to L.A., Santa Monica, Miami, Managua, Puerto Cabezas, and Bismona. We’ve been on three planes, traveled through three times zones, taken a boat up the coast, jump in dozens of taxis, and ridden in the back of a pick-up a truck. We’ve slept in cars, taxis, airplanes, and airports; and made our home on the floor of a wooden, stilted house in Bismona. We’ve bathed in pools, hotels, wooden shacks, and tropical rivers. We’ve eaten fish, lobster, and shrimp moments after it’s been pulled from the sea; and enjoyed natures harvest or oranges, coconuts, plantains, bananas, yucca, and “bread fruit”. We’ve gotten lost in the lagoons of Nicaragua, dodged tree branches as we navigated our way through tiny rivers, and had waves crash into our small boat. We’ve seen sharks, alligators, tarantulas, pigs, dogs, cats, goats, frogs, bats, and monkeys…and that’s just the beginning.

Throughout our stay, God allowed us to be used for HIS GLORY: we made the journey to seven churches, met with over a dozen pastors, and interacted with thousands of Miskitu people; we played with kids in the streets of Nicaragua, handed out HUNDREDS of pounds of candy, thousands of balloons and stickers, and presented the Gospel with over 600 children and parents being led in prayer and given the opportunity to make Christ their King; we were able to encourage those in the faith with food bags for their families and hope for tomorrow; and, through the generosity of God’s people, exactly 316 Miskitu Bibles will be given to the indigenous people of this beautiful coast…to God be the glory!
The poverty here in sickening, and as you can imagine, this impacts everyone and everything. Churches and pastors are among those who struggle the most. So, today, our team had the awesome opportunity to provide for those pastors by putting together some food bags, containing the staples of a nicaraguan kitchen: rice, beans, flour, sugar, salt, and oil. We delivered these bags door to door and were met with grateful hearts…to God be the glory.
Later in the afternoon, we held an activity in a local church. Well over a 100 kids came out to play, have a good time, and hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. These times of evangelism have been so encouraging…and at times overwhelming. The games and treats that we bring are so new to these kids that, at times, it causes COMPLETE chaos; but, it’s great. It draws a crowd and allows for even more precious children to be presented with a God that love them.
Tomorrow, we begin our journey home. Starting with a short flight to the pacific coast of Nicaragua, where we’ll spend the night before heading home to the states. Please keep us in prayer as we travel.
Two countries. Six Communities. Three languages. Seven churches. ONE GOD!
– Josh Hager

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