GO Mexico April 2015

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GO Mexico 2012 Photos

All In One Day

Saturday morning found us turning onto a single lane dirt road that hugged the side of a canyon, as we rode through the neighborhood with its shack -type houses, stacks of tires, mangy dogs and many sets of watching eyes. At the bottom of the canyon, even before the ignition keys were turned, numerous children were scampering down the hillside with hugs of greeting for all. They helped us carry all our stuff up about 75 stair steps to Alicia’s house- where the pizza man was already baking away in his makeshift but efficient portable pizza kitchen. The 72 + children settled in at the tables and ate as much pizza as they wanted, in addition to washing it all down with a special treat- soda-happy happy kids.

After eating, the kids were divided into 2 group; one group went down to the flat dirt area to blow bubbles, play soccer, and try to roll Daniel Meers down the hill. Having fun being kids-(Daniel included)! The other group of children put together a dozen plastic Easter eggs with a small token that represented a part of Christ’s life from his riding into Jerusalem on a donkey to his resurrection. They eagerly read the order of events and did the matching required. It was a precious sight and we wondered how many would go home and tell the story to their family; explaining the meaning of each symbol. Meanwhile, in their own little group, the 11 mothers heard about the power of Jesus in a personal way, and they began to share their personal burdens. Before leaving, we passed out bags of beans, rice, and salt to the neighborhood families.

Next it was on to the market to buy 300 lbs of beans and rice to give away next month! After shopping, we were off to Buena Vida Orphanage with 15 pizzas, and we were warmly greeted by 30 excited children. Our 2 hour visit was filled with more hugs and fun with plastic eggs as kids were eager to read aloud and figure out the symbols of the Bible story. Swinging on swings, playing basketball, and holding kids on laps to give them some “one to one” time were all a part of loving on these children. It was hard to leave them.

Wow 5 PM already….so much in one glorious day to tuck away in our hearts and minds.-Thank you Father God for the honor…


On The Way!

The GO Mexico team along with The Body Ministries is currently headed down to Tijuana, Mexico.  They are excited for what God has in store for them and those they are ministering to this weekend.  Please keep the team in prayer as they travel and spread the love of Jesus Christ!  We are excited to hear about how Go dis moving in Tijuana!

The Ministry Office

GO Mexico

GO Mexico March 9-11, 2012

CBC is partnering with The Body Ministry and joining them in their ministry in Tijuana, Mexico. Over the last four years, they have gone down to Mexico once a month and ministered to the children of Tijuana. What started as a desire to share God’s love has blossomed into a partnership with a local woman, Elicia, who has opened her home to feed the children in her neighborhood and share Jesus Christ with them. Over the years, God has blessed their ministry with construction projects and supplies to turn Elicia’s home into a place from which God’s love flows. Each and every Saturday, Elicia opens her home to feed the hungry in her neighborhood. Once a month, The Body Ministry goes down and puts on a bible study, craft, and game for the children at Elicia’s home. We are excited to be joining them in their ministry!

Join us as we head down to Mexico March 9-11th, 2012. We will be responsible for putting on all the days’ activities as well as feeding the children. The cost of this trip is $90.00. For more information, please contact the Ministry Office at ministry.office@cbcsb.com.