VBS Day 2 – Thursday, January 1st


If you were to look at Costa Rica from a distance, you would see lush mountain scenery and mostly rundown shacks serving as people’s homes. What you can’t see is the people, which is the heart and soul of Costa Rica. Everywhere you go, there is a sense of community that binds the people together. I think this causes them to have a better attitude towards their difficult, poverty-stricken lives.


I was blessed to have experienced this first hand throughout our second day doing VBS’s for the kids. We walked up and down the streets of Los Guido with the youth leaders yelling “upe”, which is Spanish for “excuse me”, and handed out candy and stickers to the kids. The youth leaders would explain to the adults that we were putting on a VBS for the kids and where it would be taking place. It seemed like everyone who answered their door was friendly and responsive. For instance, one man said he didn’t have any kids and lived alone, but wished us a Happy New Year and said, “God bless you all.” As soon as kids starting coming to our VBS spot, instant laughter and smiles filled the air. Although we don’t all speak the same language as them, the kids knew we were there to have fun with them and love them.


The people of Costa Rica make any foreigner feel welcome. It makes it much less difficult to share the love of Christ, despite a very prevalent language barrier. God tears this barrier down everyday, allowing His love to spread freely from us to the people of Costa Rica.



– Ryan Schaefer

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