Everything Has Beauty – January 3rd


A 4:15 a.m. departure is no joke after a week laden with a constant work schedule of ministry, but our team was ready to see the natural beauty of Costa Rica. So with sleep in our eyes, we set off to Manuel Antonio, a beach city located about 3 hours from The Mission House. We spent the first hour of the drive sleeping until we made it to the infamous Crocodile Bridge.  When we approached the bridge, we witnessed dozen of scaly creatures lazily lounging in the dark river. To rouse them, Josh threw pieces of chicken on which they gladly chomped down. However, within minutes, our supply of chicken was gone and so our crocodile sight-seeing was over.


We returned to the bus as the sun began its ascent over the clouds and rushed passed thick brushes of palm trees. Rays of sunlight danced between the openings between their fronds. It was going to be a gorgeous day.

Once we arrived, some of our team opted for a leisurely walk across the ocean shore, a few others walked the paths of the National Park, and a couple of us decided to go parasailing. With scorching hot sand, the warm ocean water was comforting. The National Park proved to definitely be “where there is still more monkeys than people.” The monkeys so acclimated to people almost looked to be posing as Josh snapped a quick picture. Sloths climbed trees and people swarmed the beach. Carmina and I decided that parasailing was the adventure of the day. The apprehension and fear of soaring several hundred feet high in the air over the Pacific Ocean quickly subsided when we experienced the tranquil serenity of the crisp water below.


However, as beautiful as that ecological display was, it wasn’t as beautiful as what we have been experiencing all week. The flowers that flourish in the rusted tin city of Los Guido, the mist of the rain that cooled our faces as we shoveled mounds of freshly mixed cement, the vibrant and colorful rainbow that stretched across the sky low enough to touch, the joy of a grateful heart displayed on a elderly woman’s worn face as she received desperately needed food, and the bare feet of a child that runs across dirt and rock beaten paths, reminds me that everything has beauty because God makes all things beautiful.




-Kristal LeRoy


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