Paint, Cement, and Bulls – Monday, December 29th


After a good night’s sleep, our team set out for La Finca, the church property, to do some work projects. We were given the opportunity to help Mark, the local missionary, and his team of youth leaders make improvements on the church grounds. We mixed and poured cement near a sewage pipe in order to prevent leaking during the rainy season. We also painted the church bathrooms and other areas on the property that needed to be repainted. Finally, we cleaned the entire feeding center on the property, as well as all of the church benches.


It was the first of two work days on the church grounds. Although these are not our favorite days here in Costa Rica, it is a rewarding experience nonetheless. The work can be difficult at times, but knowing we were able to help a church over 1,000 miles away from home makes it all the worthwhile. It was a great experience becoming construction pros with the youth leaders in Costa Rica.


We capped off the day with a fun night at El Toros de Zapote. This is an annual Costa Rican event that includes death-defying carnival rides (I have the bruises to prove it), amazing food, and, most importantly, crazy people in a ring running away from angry bulls. We attend this event every year, and for the first time, we got to bring the youth leaders to the event with us. For most of them, it was their first time seeing the bulls, and they loved it! We were grateful for the opportunity to not only work alongside these youth leaders to help improve the church grounds, but to also fellowship with them at a fun event.



– Nick Schaefer

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