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“No eye has seen, No ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9

As it approached midnight here in Costa Rica, we stood together on the balcony united as brothers and sisters in Christ. Watching the most beautiful view of fireworks and lanterns being let loose by the people of Costa Rica. We popped our poppers, said cheers and drank our apple cider. My heart and eyes kept wandering back to the view of Gods creation. The sky was clear and the stars seemed to be dancing through the clouds, the mountains stood strong, and I just stood silent and in awe. How blessed are we to know that what the Lord has prepared for us who love Him is beyond anything we have seen or even imagined.

We started our morning at La Carpio, also known as “The Dump”. It is one of the poorest parts of Costa Rica. Walking through the streets of La Carpio, we had the pleasure of passing out candies, stickers, necklaces and bracelets to the children we encountered. Then we set to do a VBS on the streets of this small town where we were able to invite the kids to sing, dance, and listen to Gods word. We were able to pray with them, play with them and of course pass out more candy. But most of all, we were able to love on these kids in a way the Lord was glorified. Seeing these little faces with smiles and laughter reminds me of when Jesus calls us to have childlike faith. Their faith is pure, and simple despite the struggles they face living in poverty.

Ending our night in Los Guido, at La Finca we were given the opportunity to honor and thank the board members and families of those who serve in the church. We served them dinner and dessert, played multiple games and gave out prizes. We wanted to thank them for their sacrifice and time they give to the Lord and to us. Making sure they knew they were appreciated and loved.

Every opportunity and experience here in Costa Rica has a glimpse of Gods love and grace that has flooded my heart. His presence is so evident, and His hand is on these people. I am excited of this beautiful reminder that the Lords love for our new friends we have made, is deeper and stronger beyond what our minds can even fathom.

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