New Year’s Eve

By Ryan Schaefer

Tonight each member of our team had the unique opportunity to support the Youth Leadership Team by sharing gifts and games with them as we continue to bond through Christ.  The language barrier that seemed so strong just days ago has improved greatly as we share our lives with each other.  This included fun team building activities such as scavenger hunt, Spoons and Capture the Flag.  We found out just how competitive our new Costa Rican friends can be.

The highlight of the evening was having the opportunity to share our favorite verses or impressions to encourage the Youth Leadership.  Our team members expressed appreciation for these young people by urging them to remain faithful to God through the many challenges they face in their lives.  This expression of support calls the church to be united as one body and work together to accomplish the fundamental goal of sharing the gospel.

We were able to experience this first hand by honoring the youth leaders and recognizing their hard work and effort.  We encouraged them to stay committed to the church body and continue spreading the word of God.   One verse a team member shared summarized letting God take control of their lives and trusting that he will always make the right decision for them.   Many of the youth leaders have encountered difficult circumstances and have struggled to keep their faith strong.

We finished up the night with a giant “Minion” piñata and a bowl of ice cream.  Everyone enjoyed their delicious treat and laughing with each other.

-Happy New Year from Costa Rica!

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