Food Bags and Fun

By Kat Kolde

Today was by far the most challenging and the most rewarding day thus far.  On our way to pick up the youth leaders from Church, we had Christian music playing and the song, “Oh how he loves us, oh how he loves us all,” came on and I was thinking how God shows his love for us differently such as preaching the word, receiving a food bag or delivering a food bag. God loves each and every one of us and he uses us differently however, we are all giving the same message, the Love of God. Due to the kindness and donations from our church members we were able to deliver 85 bags of food to 85 different houses. The food bags consisted of rice, beans, oil, sugar, salsa, 3 different flavored soups and 3 different types of fruit juices.  Each bag is able to feed five people for a week; this means today we were able to feed 425 people for a week.

The food bags were the most challenging because Los Guidos is at a higher altitude then most of us are used to and the houses are built of very steep pathways, some being paved but most are not.  Each member carried about four bags that weighed 10 pounds per bag.  Everyone was assigned to a team where we were paired up with two youth leaders at the church in Los Guidos and we went door to door handing out food bags.  Since we do not know how to speak Spanish, the youth leaders spent 10-15 minutes talking to the families about God while we prayed over each house.

It was very rewarding because everyone got to see the joy and happiness on the families’ faces when they received a bag of food.  We were not only able to feed 425 people we were able to witness the youth leaders preach the word of God to 85 homes.   Today there were three people that gave their lives to the Lord and ten that want to get involved in discipleship.

In gratitude of appreciation for the help of spreading the word through the youth leaders we decided to treat them for all the work they do, not only today, but also throughout the year.  For the past week we have been introduced to Costa Rican food now it was our turn to treat them to American food….pizza.  Most of us ate more pizza than our stomachs can handle so we decided to treat them to another surprise that was more active, so we could burn off the pizza.  We surprised the kids with a bowling excursion.  For eleven of the thirteen youth leaders, bowling was their first time.  Even though there has been a language barrier all week, we were able to communicate non-verbally as one group through this activity.  God has been able to work in our hearts this trip and has shown what the body of Christ looks like through praying, teaching, helping and showing love towards others.

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