Day 1


By Joshua Hager

After nearly fourteen hours of travel, our team arrived at San Juan International Airport, boarded a bus, and made the thirty-minute drive to Curridabat, Costa Rica; our home for the next ten days.

Community Bible Church has a long history with the Christian Light Foundation (CLF) and Iglesia Nueva Vida de Los Guido (The New Life Church of Los Guido). This history helps tell of God’s story in Costa Rica; so, like always, I’ll take a brief moment to recap some of what we’ve witnessed.

In 2007, a team from our church, which I was blessed to be part of, walked slowly around a piece of farm land (La Finca) that contained nothing more than a dilapidated barn, praying that God would deliver this land into the hands of the missionaries and church. By 2008, God showed His faithfulness and the land was purchased. Our new team prayed, with outstretched arms, that God would allow for a church building to be built where the people of Los Guido could come and worship God in spirit and in truth. We returned in 2009, and with God once again pouring out His faithfulness, their house of worship stood in place of that old barn. Where animals used to eat, sleep and poop, the people of God now worshiped! In 2010, at the request of Mark Kuzdas, the founder of CLF Costa Rica, our teams began praying even greater prayers, asking God for even bigger things! As we stood in a circle on a sloped hill, Mark shared that God had given him the vision and passion to build a massive feeding and tutoring center; something of Ark-like proportions for communities like Los Guido. As we stood there in prayer, hands linked with one another, God already began orchestrating His plan to fulfill this vision. The following year, when our team arrived at La Finca, we were greeted by the sight of a gigantic building. I have to admit, I didn’t really believe it would happen. But God did it! He provided over a quarter of a million dollars, numerous additional necessities, and the building was completed. In March of 2012, hundreds upon hundreds of children began being fed through this feeding center. Now, La Finca has become a beacon of love, hope, and charity within the community of Los Guido.

Along the way, CBC has had the awesome opportunity of being a part of God’s story in Costa Rica, placing small puzzle pieces that make up the beautiful picture of God’s plan in this place. We’ve mixed and poured more cement than any human should see in a lifetime. We’ve rerouted sewage (on numerous occasions). We’ve painted (oh my, have we painted!), and we’ve trenched. We’ve also had the awesome opportunity to encourage the local church, provide food for the community, give school supplies to students, cut hair, treat lice for the poor, and love on thousands of kids. GOD IS GOOD!

With every year comes new opportunities to be used by God and this year is no different. Just hours after our arrival, our team headed to a local grocery store and packed six shopping carts FULL of food! Later this week: oil, salt, sugar, rice, beans, tuna, crackers, hot sauce, coffee, and other household staples will be packed into bags and delivered door-to-door in some of the poorest areas of this beautiful country. The food bags, provided by the generosity of God’s people, will feed a family of 5 for nearly a week. I look forward to reporting the encouraging stories that will inevitably come from the delivery of this food! I am confident that God has appointed us specific families with specific needs that will be truly blessed by this small gift.

Tomorrow, our team will head to Los Guido to begin several days of street evangelism. PRAY that God would fill us with a supernatural energy as we deliver the Good News of Jesus Christ. PRAY that God will be glorified and that many would come to know Him.

We love you all and I personally thank you for your words of encouragement, financial support, and prayers.

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